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Common Questions

What are your customer service hours? is open, accessible and usuable all the time - 24 hrs a day/ 365 days a year! However, Our Customer Service Team has general business hours of: Monday-Friday - 8:00am - 7:00pm MST Saturdays - 9:00am - 5:00pm MST Sundays - Closed We have choosen to close on Sundays to allow our staff to set aside a day of rest; to tend to family and worship, of which we deem of high priority. And, let's face it - there's really nothing that can't wait until Monday morning, at which time we will be more than ready to 'Carpe Diem' and help you help others! We commit to responding to inquiries as soon as possible or within 24 hours; over normal business hours. Of course, if there is an unplanned interruption to website service, we will address the needs as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience in these types of unexpected issues.

How does the Recipient or Organizer apply or use eTidings?

Organizers or Reciepients are able to redeem or apply eTidings given toward a schedule to 1) purchases made in the Food Tidings Shoppe, 2) withdraw the funds or 3) pay it forward. Shoppe Purchases: When logged in, an "Apply eTidings" button appears at the top of the scheduleif eTidings have been given. Please note, the Organizer and Recipient's e-mail must match the Food Tidings account they log into with to gain access to the eTidings balance. Clicking this button takes the Organizer or Recipient to the Shoppe. Alternately, the Organizer or Recipient can select a specific day on the schedule, select "Order a Gournmet Meal", and apply eTidings toward the purchase at checkout in order to target an approximate delivery date for the purchase ( this is the desired choice when you wish to have a meal shipped more than 3-4 days from now, otherwise the meal is shipped at the earliest available date). Once you've added items to your cart and clicked Continue to Checkout, click "Apply eTidings", If you have a balance due, you will be able to enter credit card information at this time. There are no additional service fees to purchase items using the eTidings credit. If eTidings are not used all at once, you have 90 days from the last day of your schedule to apply those eTidings toward another purchase. If your schedule is still ongoing, it is possible that your additional eTidings will added to the left-over balance in coming days or weeks. Withdrawing Funds: Alternately, Recipients or Organizers are able to request a withdraw of the funds and have a check sent to the Recipient using the addres on the schedule; 9% fees do apply for withdrawl transactions. Please contact Customer Service for processing; confirming the schedule's Title and the amount to process. Pay it Forward: Recipients may give leftover eTidings to another schedule or Food Tidings' operations and Feed A Family Fund, from which we purchase meals for families in need. Feel free to contact Customer Service if you'd like to do this or simply allow the balance to expire; at which time the balance will be automatically removed from the schedule.

Why doesn't Food Tidings have a phone number?

Food Tidings is an online tool and, as such, our team is eager, experienced and equipped to handle all aspects of customer service via e-mail or social media outlets. We have found that in most cases, we can be the most responsive and effective through e-mail communications; which also serves as a reference to the customer and allows us to learn from our interactions. Everyone hates phone tag anyways. In rare cases, when a phone call could better suit the situation, we can arrange for one as needed.

How do I delete my account of unsubscribe?

Please send an email to if you would like your account deleted. We can remove you from the Food Tidings list for any non-schedule related emails that are initiated by us. Please note: If you need to unsubscribe from a specific schedule, you will need to contact the Organizer directly, Food Tidings invitations are managed manually by Organizers. As long as an Organizer continues to include your e-mail address in invitations, you will continue to receive invitations and reminders via e-mail. Also, if friends or family choose to invite you to a (future) schedule, their invitation will add your e-mail address back into the Food Tidings system in order to allow schedule invites, meal reminders, ect. to be delivered to you. Please be assured that we only send schedule specific or important updates related to Food Tidings. We will never rent, sell or otherwise give our customers' e-mail to other parties.