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Meal Support 

Made Simple!

Easily organize meal support for

your family and friends during their times of need.

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How it Works

How it Works



Their Story

The Story is the reason or occasion for creating a schedule. Your first step in creating a Food Tidings schedule is to let people know who this schedule is for, what’s going on, and some key details about the size of their household and food preferences.



Schedule Details

In this section you will easily set up a calendar. You’ll choose a start and end date; as well as, specific days in that range that you want to make available for people to sign up to bring meals on. Also, here is where you provide specifics like delivery time, delivery address, and contact information for the recipient.



Family and Friends

Now that you’ve created a schedule (whew, that was quick!), it’s time to get others involved. You have several options to share the invitation, including using Food Tidings' Invite Tool to create a brief personalized message and easily invite friends and family to participate.

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